Jazz From Afar LIVE 2020 (June edition)

A learn-from-home 4 week Variations and Dynamics course with Cat Foley for Lindy Hoppers and Jazz Dancers!

We’ll be exploring:
– Solid technique foundation on classic steps
– Lots of options for variations and tools for how to build your own variations
– Exercises for developing the dynamics in your dancing to fit the dynamic of the music
– Body awareness express the dance through your whole body (yes… we’ll discuss what to do with your arms!)

Wednesday June 3rd 18:00 UK time/ UTC+1
Wednesday June 10th 18:00 UK time/ UTC+1
Wednesday June 17th 18:00 UK time/ UTC+1
Wednesday June 24th 18:00 UK time/ UTC+1

Follow this link for more info and the google form to sign up!
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Learning options:
Option 1) Follow-along classes (of approximately 1 hour per week) streamed live AND recorded, plus a weekly Q&A session for additional support.
Option 2) The above plus feedback on your practice videos.

We are living in tricky times, so I am offering for you to self-select your fee. If you’re struggling financially, I’m open to offering it as a cheer-up gift! No worries at all- just talk to me about it.

Option 1) Suggested contribution approx £20-£30
Option 2) Suggested contribution approx £30-£40

– I will send an email with a Zoom link to all listed participants at 17:30 UK-time every Wednesday.
– This email will also contain the music playlist for class, so we have the option to experience the practice music in the highest quality possible.
– During this first 30 minutes I will answer any questions/ you will have time to sort out the technology from your side.
– Class will begin at 18:00 UK-time and last approximately 1 hour
– During the live class participants are required to turn off their audio and video sharing so as to optimise streaming quality. I will offer short opportunities for questions/ requests/ clarifications to be typed into the live chat.
– After the class is finished, the recording will take a while to process and then the link will be emailed to all participants.
– If you wish to select option 2 and receive personal feedback on your practice videos, you should film yourself practicing for around 1 minute per week (during class if that makes things easier time-wise!), send it to me via youtube or similar and I will offer some feedback. If you wish to do 2 medium chunks or one bigger chunk for feedback, that works also, up to 4 minutes of footage during the course overall basically.

To sign up: Click Here

Virtual Private Classes, Teacher training and Practice Video review
I am also available for any of the above, drop me a line and let’s set something up!