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Cat Foley by Milda -

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Cat Foley is a Lindy Hop and Jazz dancer, teacher and performer based in the United Kingdom.

Bio: Cat has been Lindy hopping since 2005. After helping to grow the Newcastle University scene dance community, Cat moved back to Liverpool and established Mersey Swing CIC, and remains creative director alongside an amazing all-women board of directors.

Cat is currently London based, working in the charity sector as a cultural practitioner using arts for social change alongside teaching Lindy Hop and African American Vernacular Jazz across the UK and Europe. An actor and theatre maker, Cat recently worked with ‘Swing Sister Swing’ on a brand new narrative Swing Dance shows, and solo show ‘The Wallflower’, uses partnered swing dance as a storytelling tool to address social exclusion. Cat’s improv comedy experience and theatre background bring extra life to Cat’s teaching and performing.

Known for having an infectiously fun style, Cat is open, honest and authentic and strives to support the individuality and self-expression of her fellow dancers.

Lindy Hop and Jazz are African American vernacular dances rooted in African American culture both historically and today. More work needs to be done in the Swing Dance community to address racial injustice, and I acknowledge that I have benefited from privilege as a white person in the community. To participate in a culture that I am a guest in, I need to acknowledge the history of the dance and the consequences of my own actions in order to build a better future for our community. I am working on de-colonising my teaching and performing of this dance and trying to honour the cultural roots that are at the core of vernacular jazz dances.

I want to give respect to those who helped me to be the dancer I am today, inspiring and supporting me in my formative years, and to be more mindful of the spaces that I am involved in creating. Before inviting me to your scene, I urge you to consider reaching out to have a conversation with me, so we can chat about our values and to see if I’m the right fit. The ‘why’ is often just as important as the ‘what’ and ‘who’!

I donate a portion of my dance income to charities focussing on anti-racism, racial inclusion and organisations championing dances and culture of the African Diaspora.

Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz and Schools Programmes

What I Teach


Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop

Lindy hop. The pure magic of synergy between you, your partner and the music.

Cat has been teaching Lindy Hop for thirteen years, and continues to learn more about the history of this African American vernacular dance and the cultural context in which it existed and continues to exist. She teaches beginner to advanced-level classes at large international events across the UK and worldwide. Cat loves sharing this incredible dance and brings an infectious joy and energy to her classes. See where she’s teaching next on her Calendar!

Solo Jazz


Cats are notoriously solitary animals. So naturally, Cat has solo jazz well covered.

Cat discovered the joys of African American Vernacular Jazz soon after starting swing dancing and she hasn’t looked back since! Her earliest jazz tutelage came from UK dancers such as Angela Andrew and Trisha Sewell, who have made a huge impact on her work (and are still teaching- look them up!) She is an internationally recognised vernacular jazz instructor. Her classes combine a love of the history of the dance with a strong focus on authenticity, creativity and improvisation.

Cat believes solo isn’t just for routines – it’s for life!

Private classes

Private Classes (Inc. online)

Let Cat help you take the drama out of your dancing!

Does your lindy hop or solo jazz need a bit of fine tuning? Would you like technique and drills to work on at home?

Are you a budding teacher who would like some coaching?

Whether it’s just you, a couple or a small group, email Cat to discuss what private classes she can offer!

Schools Programmes

School and community dance programmes

Engaging students with performing arts through dance and drama workshops

Cat has a wealth of experience in engaging primary and secondary school students in the performing arts, with a particular focus on dance and drama. She provides extra-curricular opportunities for students across the UK via both structured weekly programmes and one-off taster sessions. Cat also has experience in inclusive dance/ drama, and dance for the older generation.

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Cat is an extremely gifted teacher. We had consistently amazing feedback about her classes at Girl Jam. Not only is she incredibly talented and knowledgeable but she is a warm and approachable person who makes learning accessible and achievable. I have worked with many solo jazz teachers over the years and few have Cat’s ability to impart their knowledge in such an inspiring and empowering way.
— Laura Knight, event organiser

Cat has taught workshops for Lindy Jazz and DJam for a numbers of years. She has been asked to come back again and again because we love her! Cat is incredibly professional; she works hard to bring her students the best possible classes and she inspires us with her natural humour. Cat brings joy and real energy to DJam.
— Joo-Lee Stock, event organiser

Cat frequently invents new, fun, simple exercises that greatly challenge your rhythm and balance. She has changed the way I think about dance improvisation.
— Tim, student

Lindy hop teaching team

Cat and Cam

Photo by Sara PIsta

Photo by Sara Pista

Cat and Cam are a team who love sharing the history, creativity and fun of lindy hop with dancers all over the world.

With 30 years combined teaching experience between them, a passion for Lindy Hop history and a similarly ridiculous sense of humour, Cat and Cam are dedicated to helping dancers to be the best that they can be, whilst not taking themselves too seriously. After teaching for the first time together in 2014, they have not looked back!

They love social dancing. They love throwing the heck down Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers style at 300bpm. They love teaching, helping people discover new talents and achieve their perceived impossibles. They love nerding out about historical clips and learning more about the nuances of the dance. Most of all, they love making bad jokes.

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I teach workshops for various dance schools and events, private classes (including online), create bespoke choreographies for stage or wedding first dances and can offer online coaching. I am also currently working with English Heritage on some community dance and history projects.

Here is my calendar, so you can see what I’m up to:

January 2023

Tours ‘N Swing – with Jeff Tong

February 2023

Whip Ma Whop Ma Hop York – with Nancy Hitzig

March 2023

Sheffield Shuffle- solo

April 2023

Swing Revolution Leeds – with Nancy Hitzig

june 2023

Hullzapoppin – with Cam Mitchell (the reunion gig!)

Cat Foley by GroovyBanana

Photo by Groovy Banana

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