Cat Foley by GroovyBanana

Photo by Groovy Banana

Cat has a wealth of experience in engaging primary and secondary school students in the performing arts, with a particular focus on dance and drama. She provides extra-curricular opportunities for students across the UK via both structured weekly programmes and one-off taster sessions.

Cat also provides cross-curricular enrichment opportunities. Her Swing Dance workshops intersperse physical activity with an appreciation of the historical context of the dance. Her drama, improvisation and comedy workshops offer students the chance to develop their confidence, resilience, social skills and problem-solving abilities.

Since 2015 Cat has been employed as a facilitator of weekly performing arts sessions at the UCL Academy in North London, offering both Swing Dance and Drama and Comedy workshops. These sessions form part of the Academy’s Self Directed Curriculum, and Cat has been an important part of offering these students access to a broad and balanced range of opportunities and experiences, fully immersing, engaging and challenging them in the process.

In a primary school setting, Cat offers cross-curricular projects in Drama and Swing Dance – combining World War I/II History, Geography, English and P.E. – as well as writing and directing school productions and running one-off workshops. Cat also has extensive youth theatre experience, having worked for many years with the Valley Community Theatre and in 2012 she facilitated the ‘Love Hurts’ project with Dingle Youth Theatre.

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